Broseley Oranier Rota Solid-Fuel Stove


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Oranier are a German stove manufacture, who have spent the last 400 years specialising in woodburning technology to bring style and warmth to your home as efficiently and sustainably as possible.


Collaboration with Broseley’s technical team has allowed for the Oranier products to become more UK friendly than ever before, boasting such features as DEFRA approval, 5kW nominal outputs and EcoDesign 2022 Ready compliance.


The Oranier Rota and Rota Tre provide up to 80% energy efficiency with a 5kW heat output to gently warm the room. These sleek woodburning stoves include integrated air flow controls, airwash technology to keep the large portrait viewing window clean and a self-closing firebox door. For added ambience the Oranier Rota Tre has a 180 degree view of the stunning flame effect through 3 glass sides. The optional Soapstone, Clear Glass or Black Steel Top allows further choice to customise the design.


    CALL FOR PRICE 0208 303 7318                                                                   

Broseley Oranier Rota Solid-Fuel Stove

  • Woodburner

    Oranier Rota is a standard cyclinder style stove
    Oranier Rota Tre gives you the option of three viewing windows for a 180 degree flame visual

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