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Capital Nuffield Stone Mantel

Capital Nuffield Stone Mantel

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This Victorian inspired mantel boasts beautifully handcrafted elaborate corbels as its defining feature. The Nuffield surround emanates classic elegance whilst being a versatile mantel that complements a range of different interior options.


Pictured first the Nuffield in Aegean Limestone, Vega Edge Eco stove, black reeded fireboard chamber and honed granite hearth. Then pictured, the Nuffield in Carrara Marble, DL800 gas fire with black glass interior, polished granite slip set and polished granite hearth.


Carrara Marble
Quarried in the Italian city of Carrara, this stunning material has been used in the building of many of Rome's most remarkable buildings including the Pantheon. Every one of our Carrara Marble mantels has its own distinctive appearance with beautiful, fine grey and blue veining. Please note our Made to Measure service is not available on this marble.


Aegean Limestone
Sourced from the Eastern Mediterranean, our Aegean Limestone mantels are beautifully unique in character. Each mantel has it own individual fossil formation, veining and colour so no two are the same, and is handcrafted into a variety of contemporary and traditional designs.


Made To Measure
Not available on this design.


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  • Natural Stone Mantel in Carrara Marble & Aegean Limestone