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Elgin & Hall 16" Calleos Gas Fire

Elgin & Hall 16" Calleos Gas Fire

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The Calleos 16" is a stylish, glass fronted, high efficiency fire & one of the newest gas fire releases by Elgin & Hall showcasing modern dual burner technology.


With realistic logs, the unique dual burner system allows the fire to be turned to low whilst still retaining an impressiveflame height and realism. With added reflective back panels in black glass, create the best flame picture possible and an impressive 3.5kW heat output. A choice of trim options finishes this product to perfection.


The Edge trim creates a beautiful minimal aesthetic when paired with the Calleos 16″ Gas Fire.


Conventional Flue
If your home has a traditional chimney – identified by the brick stack and pot on your roof and a chimney breast in your room. Your installer will be able to simply place these fires along with your chosen micro marble surround into the existing opening and your chimney does the rest. No building work required!


Balanced Flue
The main difference of a balanced flue gas fire is that is completely sealed off from the room it operates in. A balanced flue gas fire requires gas and air for combustion to circulate around the fire chamber and concentric flue which creates maximum heat output. The air is drawn in from the outside via the flue rather than from inside your home. Producing the best possible energy efficiency and a most realistic flame pattern.


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  • Glass Fronted (High Efficiency), Conventional or Balanced Flue Gas Fire