ESSE 525 Solid-Fuel Stove


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If we say ourselves, this stove is a stunning piece of contemporary design – combining the timelessly comforting appeal of a traditional British-built wood-burner with stripped down, minimalist, almost Scandinavian styling.


With its “cubist” flame-box view, and highly distinctive cylindrical pillar design, this really is an exceptionally eye-catching stove, even for an ESSE. And you can choose whether you prefer the pillared legs in black, to match the stove body, or in contrasting stainless steel.


In terms of performance, its footprint and energy-efficient 5kW heat output make it ideally suited to almost any living room – whether rustic or urban, as it’s approved for use in smoke control areas.


    CALL FOR PRICE 0208 303 7318                                                                   


To make it as easy to use as it is on the eye, our 525 model features primary and secondary air control sliders, as well as a twin position riddling grate with both wood and mineral fuel settings.

    ESSE 525 Solid-Fuel Stove

    • Multi-Fuel

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