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For all your fireplaces needs; whether you are building your new fireplace from scratch or adding the finishing touches to your current fire, Pepper's Fireplaces provides an extensive range of quality fireplace products. Pairs perfectly with our selection of fires & stoves.

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    Stunning natural stone and wooden mantels in a range of sizes and designs to suit any home. 

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    arches & inserts

    Popularised by the Victorians, our range is for either functional or decorative use. Arches and inserts are a fantastic way to inject some period style into your room.

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    fire baskets

    Our range of traditional and contemporary fire baskets can be paired with gas, solid-fuel or electric fires. These styles are perfect or a Georgian inspired fireplace

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    These classic range of timeless cast iron combination fireplaces are perfect for those with narrower chimney breasts, for decorative or functional use.

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    Customise to your hearth's content. Granite for the traditionalist, marble for the opulent or glass for your new contemporary stove. 

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    Perfectly paired with your new stove or fire basket, these chambers provide a polished finish in a selection of finishes from brick, tiled to plain.

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    We have a selection of natural wood and geocast beams, with a variety of customisation options for a bespoke beam to suit your tastes.

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    Combine with a mantel to achieve a refined and traditional look, pairs well with most fires, stoves & fire baskets.

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