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Pepper's Fireplaces offers a wide range of quality stoves; handpicking and working alongside some of our favourite manufacturers, to ensure our customers have access to what we believe are the best stoves on the current market. Whether you're keeping things traditional or wanting something more contemporary to fill your space, our versatile range provides a stove for every home.

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    solid-fuel stoves

    With a choice of woodburning or multi-fuel models, these stoves burn hot & require a chimney or flue system. Unmatched as an atmospheric heat source.

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    gas stoves

    These easy to use appliances provide a live flame heat source which can be controlled with the tap of a button. Requiring a chimney or flue system as well as a gas supply, these stoves are a fantastic high-efficiency option. 

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    electric stoves

    For all the style of a solid-fuel stove and none of the upkeep, electric stoves are a low-maintenance aesthetic option for those who are looking to upgrade their room with a statement focal point. 

  • flue-less stoves

    'Flueless Stoves' work using catalytic technology and neither a chimney or flue is required. Therefore no building works are involved and the stove can be installed in almost any room.

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