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Thank you for supporting our family run business, we look forward to fitting or supplying your new fireplace soon. We wanted to take this opportunity to go over our terms, as well as provide you with helpful details relating to your new fire or fireplace. If you have any questions regarding the points below, please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification.


Pepper’s Fireplaces employ Gas Safe Registered & HETAS Registered Engineers and never outsource the fitting of your heating appliance to a third party. The correct registered engineer will always fit your Gas or Solid-Fuel fire or stove.



1.1 Deposit Terms

Your deposit is a down-payment on your product/s and is deducted off your final total. All products are ordered specifically for each job; therefore, deposits are only refundable if product/s have not yet been dispatched to us by our manufacturer. Once your deposit has been received, your order will be processed as soon as possible, unless you request otherwise.

If you wish to cancel/exchange products in your order after we have incurred costs, a 25% restock charge at the retail price for each product may be added onto your final total.

If your order comprises of products that were already in stock with us prior to your deposit payment, then you will not be charged a 25% restock fee. All ‘Made to Measure’ orders have a cooling off period of 24 hours and cannot be cancelled after this time, full payment is required for anything bespoke / made to order.


1.2 Cancellation

You will have 14 days from the submitted date of this signed contract to cancel your order in full with us, unless it is a bespoke ‘Made to Measure’ item, or you placed your order with us in the showroom. Please notify us in writing within the 14 days, if you wish to cancel. If we have incurred any expenses during this 14 day period, we reserve the right to pass these costs onto you, or deduct them from your deposit.

You are unable to cancel your contract with us if our 'supply & installation service' is carried out within your 14 day cancellation period.


1.3 Installation Dates

Please make sure you, or someone you trust to sign-off the completed work, is available on the final day of installation.

We always do our best to book you in as soon as we possibly can, however in some cases products can cause a delay. We will always advise you at the earliest opportunity if your installation date is going to change. We always recommend to our customers that if they are planning to get other work done that is dependent on the fireplace installation date, to bear this in mind when booking any third party contractors.

On the day of installation, our professional installers will always do their best to treat your home like their own and this includes putting dust sheets down and clearing up at the end of the installation. We ask customers to please remove any valuables from the area being worked in,  and to clear a space for our installers as much as possible.


If you wish to change your installation date, please let us know in writing at least 48 hours before installation. If you need to cancel or reschedule your installation and fail to provide us 48 hours notice, we reserve the right to add a call-out/loss of business charge on your final invoice up to £125.00 per day.


1.4 ‘Making Good’

When we have finished installing your new fireplace, we will always ‘make good’. Our definition of this includes clearing away tools and rubbish from the site (if rubbish disposal has been charged to you), replacing any furniture we may have needed to move during our installation, and providing ‘spotting’ to any pockets of plaster that may need touching up. Please note that ‘making good’ does not include professional plaster work or painting. If you are using our recommended plasterer, your invoice will reflect this as an additional charge. Prices for skirting and coving are available upon request.


1.5 Installation Warranty

Pepper’s Fireplaces is insured, and our installation work is guaranteed for 12 months from the final date of installation. Our warranty does not include products, as this is provided separately (see 2.4 Manufacturer’s Warranty). If you do need to claim on our installation warranty, please ensure you provide us with proof of our installation via your original invoice. We may also request photos and will conduct a site visit to confirm any concerns raised. If Pepper’s is proven to be at fault, then any remedial work will be carried out at our next availability at no cost to you.

1.6 Broken Products

We try our best to always provide a clean and smooth service, however sometimes mistakes happen! If you have selected our Supply & Installation service and one of our engineers accidentally breaks or damages a product, a replacement product will be ordered at no cost to you and a new installation date will be provided to you as soon as possible, subject to the arrival of the replacement product.

Once your installation is finished, if you notice any marks or damages, we ask that you notify us via email within 24 hours, at, please also include images of the damage. Pepper's Fireplaces cannot be held liable for any damage raised after the 24 hour window.


If you have purchased a product from us as Supply Only and the product breaks during installation, you will not be eligible for a refund or exchange from us.


1.7 Product Returns & Exchanges

Due to the nature of our business, we can only accept returns or exchanges if the product is unused. That means we are unable to offer any refund or exchange on products once they have been installed.


If you chose our Supply & Installation service then please advise us in writing as soon as possible that you would like to either return or exchange your products, prior to them being fitted. If products have already been dispatched to us, you may be charged at least a 25% restocking fee on each product returned/exchanged. If you wish to return a product on the day of our installation, you may be charged at least a 25% restocking fee on each product you wish to return & your deposit held. We are unable to offer a refund or exchange once your products are fitted.

If you chose our Supply Only service, and you did not order the product in our showroom, then you have 14 days from the date of delivery to advise us you wish to return your product. If you placed your order in our showroom, or it is outside of the 14 day period then we reserve the right to refuse your return. If we do accept your return, then you will be charged a 25% restock fee. Products must be returned in their original box, sealed and unused. We do not provide free returns, however we are happy to provide a collection service, we may charge up to £50.00 for this. 


If your product is Made to Measure or classed as a Bespoke Order, we cannot provide you a refund. If your product is a custom/bespoke order you should be advised of this on your invoice, see Section 2.2 Bespoke or Made to Order Products.


1.8 Third Party Contractors

If you are quoted for plastering, electrical works, scaffolding or coving, this will be a 3rd party recommended contractor unless otherwise stated. It is not a requirement of our terms that you use our recommended contractors in this instance. When quoting on behalf of our contractors Pepper’s may (but not always) accept a referral fee for this recommendation. We may ask you to pay our 3rd party contractors directly and due to the nature of a third party, any price increases or changes may be their own. In the event of 3rd party damages or dispute please liaise with them directly.


1.9 Media Walls

Our media wall service is a bespoke installation process and therefore you will be provided with a guide by us, as to what your finished product will look like; this is usually included on your invoice. If you notice any errors or wish to make any changes to the design, please notify us in writing. Any changes are subject to additional costs and last minute changes cannot be guaranteed on the day.


If we are building you a ‘TV recess’, ‘soundbar recess’ or anything similar that requires a bespoke size, we require these on-site, to prevent any miscalculations or error. If these are not on-site in time for installation, we cannot be held liable for products not fitting, if you require us to re-visit for this purpose, you may be charged.

All our media walls are built to a plasterboard finish. We do not provide a decoration service and we do not provide a TV or soundbar set-up service.




2.1 Natural Stone Products

If you have selected one of our beautiful natural stone products please note that this means your product will include natural variation; this can include shading, veining, crystal markings and fossils. Due to this, your natural stone product may differ from the sample we hold in the showroom, or to the photos in the brochure. Please bear this in mind when ordering natural stone. This also applies to our natural wood products.

2.2 Bespoke or Made to Order Products

Many of our products are bespoke or made to order, for clarity we have listed most of our products which fall into that category, however this list is not exhaustive, you may have a bespoke product which does not fall into the following: any material other than granite hearths, custom sized hearths, made-to-measure products including mantels, beams, slips and back-panels, any of our Focus Fireplaces beams, anything from our Colin Parker range, any of the Clock stoves other than Metallic Black.


2.3 Gas Products

All gas appliances will be fitted by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, we will also register this appliance for you and you will receive your certificate up to a month after installation. You will be provided a demonstration on how to operate your new appliance. Your new gas appliance will require annual maintenance to ensure its safety and longevity. It is also recommended that your chimney is swept every year too. If an air vent was installed with your new Gas Appliance do not cover or remove.

2.4 Solid-Fuel Products

All solid-fuel appliances will be fitted by a HETAS Registered Engineer, we will ‘sign off’ the product by demonstrating its proper use to you and confirming it is working as desired. Upon signing the appliance off, you will receive a HETAS certificate up to a month after installation. It is recommended you service your appliance and sweep the chimney every year. If an air vent was installed with your new Solid-Fuel Appliance do not cover or remove.


There are general upkeep responsibilities that you as the new stove owner are recommended to do. This includes:


  • Burning the correct fuels for your stove, kiln dried ‘ready to burn’ logs if you have a woodburner only or if you have a mutli-fuel appliance you can also burn smokeless coal or ‘coalite’.

  • Never over-firing or under-firing your stove and keeping to its recommended heat output.

  • Replacement of any consumables not covered by your warranty.

  • Replacement of fire cement around your flue; this will dry out over time and whilst mainly an aesthetic function you may wish to redo this every now and again to neaten up the appearance of your stove.


2.5 Manufacturer Warranty

Every product purchased from us will have a separate warranty provided directly by the manufacturer. Your warranty length and information paperwork will usually be left with you after installation, however if you are unsure it is always recommended you ask us. Some products require you to register online to be eligible for an extended warranty period; this responsibility is on you as the customer.


2.6 Warranty Claims & Spare Parts

If you chose our Supply & Installation service and are looking to claim on your product warranty or order a spare part, please contact Pepper’s Fireplaces in the first instance. We will require the date of installation, as well as your contact information, product name, product manufacturer and product serial code where applicable. 

If you chose our Supply Only service and are looking to claim on your product warranty or order a spare part, please contact the manufacturer directly as your warranty is not with us.

Thank you, your signed terms have been submitted!

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