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Product Showcase: Onyx Eclipse 60HL

The latest gas fire from premier fire brand Onyx is taking the market by storm with its attractive triple burner technology & even more attractive price point.

Onyx have been teasing us with their Eclipse 60HL since last year, where it premiered at their expo in June. It certainly captured the adoration of its audience back then, and ever since we have been counting down the days until its general release.

What Sets it Apart?

Three words: triple burner technology. If you are looking for the most realistic looking gas fire, settle for nothing less.

Now triple burners are not a new concept. Gazco's Reflex 75T has been sporting them for years. However the breakthrough is in the price you are paying for the pleasure of realism. The Onyx Eclipse 60HL currently retails for just £2,895.00*!

What Am I Paying For?

  • A 590mm x 593mm uninterrupted view of a raised Split Oak log-effect fuel bed wrapped with gorgeous ImmersiFlame architecture.

  • Non-reflective front glass provides an open log fire illusion and a high efficiency rating of up to 78%

  • Black glass EchoFlame interior lining mirrors the mesmerising flames. providing a reflective backdrop to add the appearance of further depth for a luxurious, layered viewing experience.

  • The Eclipse comes as standard with a fully sequential thermostatic remote control. This put ignition, flame adjustment, heat output, and extinguishing, in the safety of the palm of your hand.

  • 5 year extended manufacturer warranty with Onyx when your register your fire online.

  • Trimless finish for a contemporary, clean look. Or opt for the complementary Edge+ trim to provide a stunning frame to your fire experience. A perfect solution for hole-in-the-wall installations or neatening up cut tile edges.

You can receive advice on these fires at our showroom, no appointment required. Want more information? Shop The Onyx Eclipse 60HL Here. Sold on it already? Contact us for a price.

Visit Us: 70 Avenue Road, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA7 4EG               Talk To Us: 0208 303 7318

*£2,895.00 price correct as of 25/04/2023 for the Onyx Eclipse 60HL trimless, NG, CF gas fire. Labour and fireplace not included..

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