British Fires New Forest 1600 Electric Fire


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Dancing flames illuminate a stunning log detail as the fuel bed underneath sparkles through a bed of crystals and husk. A balanced glow of award- winning flames is further enhanced by reflective interior glass.


The construction of the exterior casing is tightly fitted with minimal glass recess creating a clean and modern appeal for today’s lifestyle. This allows the fuel-bed to come to the edge of the glass and create space for larger logs.


Discreetly placed above the glass is our dual-outlet system which utilises patent-pending Air Curtain Technology. This system allows the heater to circulate cooler room air into warm at the temperature you desire.



Our award-winning LED flame technology is impressive by itself. It becomes

even more amazing when the down-lights are turned on.


The down-lighting effect illuminates the reflective mirror resulting in a brighter fuel-bed while creating the illusion of a deeper looking fuel bed. This transcends the overall effect of the New Forest Electric Fire and creates a prominent focal point within the room.


    CALL FOR PRICE 0208 303 7318                                                                   

British Fires New Forest 1600 Electric Fire

Fuel Bed
  • Hole In The Wall, Glass Fronted

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