Ekofires 3010 / 3015 Timeless Gas Fire


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The versatile and popular slimline radiant gas fire is completely transformed by the elegant solid cast iron fascias.


The entry level eko 3010 is particularly suitable for installations into new homes with shallow starter block's and some pre-cast flue systems, however, is perfectly at home when used with a conventional chimney.

The decorative solid cast iron fascia is created using traditional casting techniques and is available in natural polished finish or black.


The eko 3015 features a simple and discrete high level slide control mechanism to simplify operations. Simply press down on the control to ignite the fire, and then slide upwards to adjust between low and high settings.


    CALL FOR PRICE 0208 303 7318                                                                   

Ekofires 3010 / 3015 Timeless Gas Fire

Complete Front
Fuel Bed
  • Open Fronted
    3010 - Manual control fire
    3015 - Slide control fire

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