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FDC Beckford Natural Stone Mantel

FDC Beckford Natural Stone Mantel

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This mantel is also available as a complete suite as shown, with slips and hearth, or 16" x 22" back panel and hearth.


FDC natural stone fireplaces are made from specially selected stone. Every fireplace is hand-finished and dry-built before packing to ensure each piece fits together perfectly. Due to the natural variations in the stone colouring and veining, every FDC natural stone fireplace is unique!


FDC provides a 'Made To Measure Service' if required, please contact us for more information regarding your new bespoke mantel.


Aegean Limestone

An off-white, matt finish. This natural stone is fine grained and infused with thousands of minute fossils. During the manufacturing process many of these become loosened resulting in ‘pitting’ across the material surface. This is a characteristic of the material and adds to the natural beauty of the product.


Portuguese Limestone

A light cream coloured material fused over millions of years, it contains skeletal fragments of marine organisms resulting in natural veining and fossils throughout. We have selected three different variants of this stone giving a comprehensive choice of styles and finishes:


Semi Rijo: Also known as Veined Limestone, this is sawn parallel to the natural vein in the stone resulting in a subtle linear pattern running horizontally across the fireplace. Small fossils will also be present.


    CALL FOR PRICE 0208 303 7318                                                                   

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