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British Fires 870 Holbury Suite

British Fires 870 Holbury Suite


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Award-Winning Design For A Realistic Fire Experience


The Holbury 870 Suite is a contemporary styled electric hole in the wall fire, perfect for recessing into existing chimney breasts as small as 51" thanks to its compact size. The outer trim width spanning 1m allows this fire to compete beneath televisions up to 50" without looking disproportionate.


The Holbury Suite is an open-fronted LED fire that comes standard with Deluxe Real Logs for a real open fire experience. Choose between either a grey or white MDF marble-effect finish and enjoy the award-winning flame-effects and other great features such as: downlighting, different fuelbed colours, a mirrored backdrop, and scheduled/timed heating, all with a touch of a button. 



Dancing flames illuminate a stunning log detail as the fuel bed underneath sparkles through a bed of crystals and husk. A balanced glow of award- winning flames is further enhanced by reflective interior glass.


Discreetly placed is our dual-outlet system which utilises patent-pending Air Curtain Technology. This system allows the heater to circulate cooler room air into warm at the temperature you desire.



Our award-winning LED flame technology is impressive by itself. It becomes even more amazing when the down-lights are turned on.


The down-lighting effect illuminates the reflective mirror resulting in a brighter fuel-bed while creating the illusion of a deeper looking fuel bed. This transcends the overall effect of the New Forest Electric Fire and creates a prominent focal point within the room.


    CALL FOR PRICE 0208 303 7318                                                                   

  • Hole In The Wall, Open Fronted, Forward Facing, Media Wall or Faux Chimney Installation