British Fires Bramshaw Electric Stove

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The Bramshaw LED stove utilises a contemporary squared design with, panoramic, side view ports. The sturdy steel-body design can be setup in three di erent methods: Wall- hung, Log Storage, or Base Stand. Set the temperature with the remote and create the right ambiance by choosing from a variety of ame and fuel bed displays.


Watch the flames dance behind the glass from all sides. Bramshaw incorporates a panoramic style view with windows on all three sides of the re box. This design creates an extra glow and more ambient light.


Subtle in appearance yet, efficient in heat disbursement. The Ashurst and Bramshaw both feature the hexagonal shaped outlets to create an interesting honeycomb texture while providing an e ective heater outlet.


In old log-burning stoves the door is opened to put logs on the fire. We wanted to keep this authentic feature from the past and took the opportunity to place the control panel behind it – out of view.


    CALL FOR PRICE 0208 303 7318                                                                   

British Fires Bramshaw Electric Stove

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