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British Fires Winchester Electric Fireplace Suite

British Fires Winchester Electric Fireplace Suite

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WELCOME TO BRITISH FIRES: Uncompromising Quality. 
The design and development has this one mindset which drives us to deliver exceptional products. Our aim is simple – to help you create a beautiful and vibrant environment for you to enjoy.


The inspiration to develop the Winchester suite was triggered by asking ourselves a simple question: How can we combine our award winning LED flame-effect technology with a stunning display that compliments the modern home? The answer was to design a marble-effect suite that is sleek, solid, and timeless. We thoughtfully obsessed over every detail in order to arrive at a convincing marble- effect design, one that can serve as a centre piece of any home.


A suite made of the latest in MDF technology is the only way to dress the Winchester fire. Light in weight, and strong in both appearance and durability, the chamfered-edge design is a detail we added to bring a touch of charm to any room.

The MDF construction methods are eco-friendly and the materials that are used are sustainable.


It looks like marble but, it isn’t. By using a meticulous hand painting technique to create the marble-effect we are able to give the appearance of solid marble on a light, yet strong MDF suite.


Upgrade your view and create the ultimate experience with our new Deluxe Real Logs.

Each Deluxe Real Log is unique and artisanly crafted using actual logs found in nature. They really enhance an already prominent statement piece in any room will take any viewer by surprise — especially, when you tell them that they are real logs.

The development process of the Deluxe Real Logs fuel bed begins by selecting different sized logs and branches to create a natural log layout. Then placed on a forest floor bed comprised of bark, twigs, and log remnants. A resin mix is then added into the base and cured in an oven to permanently x the logs.



The signature logs that are inspired from the rural New Forest in Hampshire, UK, sit comfortably on an underlay of wood chippings and husk which creates an authentic earthy feel. A hand painted finish brings the log to life and subtly delivers a real presence.



A dynamic way to show how light can enhance the visual aspect of a flame effect – this is something magical. The fuel bed colour changes takes you through a journey of tranquillity. Alternatively, you can choose between the orange, pink, or blue light setting to create a certain mood.


    CALL FOR PRICE 0208 303 7318                                                                   

  • Wall Mounted Suite, MDF, No Recess Required (Flat Wall Fix)