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Capital Washington Stone Mantel

Capital Washington Stone Mantel

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A classical and complex design influenced by the early Georgian period, the Washington will provide character, charm, and elegance to your living room. The Washington's sophisticated deisgn compliments an array of interior options.


The Washington is firstly pictured in Carrara Marble with a polished Classic fascia, black reeded fireboard chamber and polished Danbury firebasket. Then secondly, the Washington is pictured in Aegean Limestone with a matching Aegean Limestone slip set and hearth, and a DL800 gas fire with black glass interior. This mantel is also available in Portuguese Limestone & Corinthian Stone, and is elligible for Capital's Made to Measure service. 


Carrara Marble
Quarried in the Italian city of Carrara, this stunning material has been used in the building of many of Rome's most remarkable buildings including the Pantheon. Every one of our Carrara Marble mantels has its own distinctive appearance with beautiful, fine grey and blue veining. Please note our Made to Measure service is not available on this marble.


Aegean Limestone
Sourced from the Eastern Mediterranean, our Aegean Limestone mantels are beautifully unique in character. Each mantel has it own individual fossil formation, veining and colour so no two are the same, and is handcrafted into a variety of contemporary and traditional designs.


Portuguese Limestone

Formed over 50 million years ago and qurried in Portugal. The characteristic darker veins, intermingled with fossils of plants and animal life all add up to the beauty of this natural stone. Blooms and whisps of fossilised leaves are not considered defects but part of the experience.


Corinthian Stone
Quarried in the Western Mediterranean, this honed limestone has a rich sandy colour that provides a delicate warm feel. Its background composition is magnified with unique small fossils and random sedimentary veining. A stone for those seeking a homely, cosy fireplace.


Made To Measure
Capital Fireplaces manufacturing and fabrication facilities are strategically located to utilise both the most advanced manufacturing technology available and the highest quality skills. Established long term relationships with quarries and foundries with highly efficient fabricators and stone masons, provide the backbone for the stringent quality and manufacturing standards we achieve with our collection.


We strive to offer our customer a great deal of flexibility in terms of the size of their chosen fireplace design. That's why we have implemented a Made to Measure service for a variety of our mantels in the following materials; Corinthian Stone, Aegean Limestone, Portuguese Limestone & Timber.


No matter how small or large your chimney breast, whether you'd like to change the overall size of your fireplace, make the shelf wider or reduce te rebate size, we can deliver a completely tailored service. 


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  • Carrara Marble, Aegean Limestone, Portuguese Limestone, Corinthian Limestone