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Onyx Avanti Milazzo 110RW Electric Fireplace Suite

Onyx Avanti Milazzo 110RW Electric Fireplace Suite


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Introducing Gazco's premium fire brand, Onyx. An exclusive range of products from the UK's leading fire manufacturer.


Designed to complement the Avanti 110RW, the Milazzo Suite gives you a range of elegant options to easily create your dream fireplace.


Fixing flat against the wall for a quick and easy installation, the Milazzo's modular design can be tailored to create a floating focal point or floor-to-ceiling centrepiece.


Choose from either a wall-mounted floating shelf or a solid bench beneath the fire, in either natural white or sophisticated grey. Each mounting option is crafted from high-quality steel and features a stylish black surface to lend further definition to the Avanti's glowing fuel bed.


Matching steel top sections in white or grey can be stacked above the fire to add vertical presence or even create a strking chimney breast aesthetic.



What if you had the power to change almost every aspect of your fire's character? What if you could control every detail, every shade, every mood? Whether you need the aura of a captivating log fire, or something more, the Onyx Avanti Chromalight Plus technology combines a range of mesmerising effects to create the ambience you desire. Available in 3 different sizes, each configurable as single, corner or three-sided installations.



The Avanti's defined flames are projected to appear between the logs and their reflection, to create a three-dimensional display. Dual flame visuals can be independently controlled with adjustable brightness levels for a full or flickering flame picture. Both primary and secondary flames offer various natural tones as well as an array of vibrant shades that can be blended and contrasted. We all have a different idea of the perfect flame. To help you find yours, the Avanti's flame speed can be sped up or slowed down to create the rhythm that works for you.


Every tiny detail and texture of the Avanti's choice of log effects has been meticulously replicated from oak and silver birch, gathered from nearby our Devon labratories. Each log rests on a glowing ember bed, composed of ash-dusted blackened glass and lava rock chippings.



Powerful mood lighting systems allow the Avanti to create additional ambience in your home. Up to 6 meters of flexible LED strips can be installed around a TV or along shelves to enhance your fire's glow.


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  • Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Suite, Glass Fronted, Steel Construction