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Ekofires 3090 / 3095 Gas Fire

Ekofires 3090 / 3095 Gas Fire


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Classical design reproducing the authentic iron foundry skills with clarity of definition and precision. Inspired by the period fireplaces that excude elegance and luxury living.

This beautiful fire is built on the best selling full depth radiant platform and is available in manual control as the eko 3090, or slide control as the eko 3095.

The full depth radiant engine has an enchanting flame picture with powerful radiating glow which emanates from the decorative log fuelbed. On high setting, this fire has powerful 3.8KW heat output and this can be varied from 1.9KW (low) when an ambient background warmth is preferred. The real advantage of the full depth radiant fire is that it is very versatile. It is suitable for use in almost all flues, including pre-cast block flues making it a very popular model.

Both models share the same quality cast fascia. The ornate styling and more intricate detailing are typical of the Victorian inspired period. The eko 3090/3095 is available in a beautiful polished finish which produces a warm satin effect. To create a more dramatic look and reflect the latest fashion for darker colour palettes in decoration a satin black finish can be chosen. 

As with all of our fires, safety is paramount. All of our gas fires include at least two levels of safety. An Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) and Flame Failure Device (FFD). These are fitted to constantly analyse the performance of the fire and in the unlikely event of a problem are able to cut of the gas supply for complete safety and piece of mind.


The eko 3095 features a simple and discrete high level slide control mechanism to simplify operations. Simply press down on the control to ignite the fire, and then slide upwards to adjust between low and high settings.


    CALL FOR PRICE 0208 303 7318                                                                   

  • Open Fronted
    3090 - Manual control fire
    3095 - Slide control fire